Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Wisdom for LIFE: The Ripple Effect

“Imagine life as a locomotive travelling at the speed of light. It is propelled forward by the consequences of everything that has come before. Everything has already been set in motion by all the events of the past. Then you, at the moment of your birth, decide to catch that train at that particular moment in time and space.”

Grace studied Eve closely. “You have been altering the world around you since your conception. And the lessons you must learn on this journey are based on the consequences of that interaction. We’ve already discussed the idea that our past experiences alter our view of the present. Do you remember when I spoke about the ego, with its sunglasses and filters?”

“Yes, you mentioned the ego distorts or discolours our reality, or the way we perceive things.” Eve responded.

“Exactly. All the things we have seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt have left an indelible impression on the ego and therefore affect how we perceive the world.

“Basically, we take all our scholarly learning and all our behavioural learning—those tribal beliefs we garnered from interacting with our parents, friends, teachers, etc.—and we create a stew of opinions, biases, judgements and expectations of the world and people around us. We then think, speak and act under that strong influence. The lessons we must learn in life are based on the decisions we make while eating that stew  … with our sunglasses on!”

Eve stared at Grace for a moment. “Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight. You’re telling me that everything that has ever happened is a result of consequences in one form or another.”

“That’s right.”

“And that everything I’ve ever done has also created consequences, like throwing a rock into a pond creates a ripple effect.”

“Absolutely! And you never know what effect those ripples will have.”

“Okay, I see that. But you’re also telling me that the ego creates these ripples, these consequences. Why is that so important?”

“Well, if you are making decisions and acting from the ego, which is only interested in itself and keeps you separate and suffering by filling you with judgements and biases, can you imagine what the consequences, the effects, of that type of behaviour will have on the world? Not to mention the effects of that influence on you? Then imagine a different type of ripple, the kind that comes from acting from compassion, love and peace. The effects of that type of vibration or action will send a very different signal out into the world, thereby attracting love, peace and compassion back in your direction.

“There is a wonderful sentiment: If you were to consider every thought you have—of which you have tens of thousands a day, by the way—as an act of prayer, and that each prayer was always answered … whether good or bad, would you reconsider what you thought about? If you can grasp the significance of that concept, it will give you an indication of how our thoughts, words and actions affect us and those around us.”

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