Monday, January 16, 2012

NEW Back Cover Copy—Sneak Peak! LIFE: coming end of January!

Are you living your potential in this life? Are you truly fulfilled? Or do you often wonder what’s missing? Happiness is your birthright; your sole purpose in this life is to be happy and fulfilled. In LIFE: Living in Fulfillment Every Day, authors Annemarie Greenwood and Marissa Campbell provide a guide to help you find your own unique path to happiness and fulfillment.

Through a fictional, spiritual narrative, LIFE reveals the knowledge and tools necessary to live in fulfillment and happiness every day. Grace, an enlightened teacher, guides Eve, an unfulfilled woman, on a journey of self discovery and personal growth. The two women meet and spend a transformative day at the beach. Under the brilliant blue sky, amongst the sights and sounds of a small lakeside resort, they explore the path to LIFE.

Grace gently guides Eve toward self-awareness and empowerment via detailed explanations, visualization exercises, and thorough descriptions. Through Grace’s teachings and powerful message, like Eve, you too may experience an awakened sense of purpose, compelling you to make the powerful decision to live an authentic life, one in which you no longer compromise your happiness, but live each moment with passion, joy, and delight.


  1. Life is an endless journey though we die, but many believe that is a beginning of another life. The theme of your book is never and will never be overdone as there are many books seeking to motivate and put us back to focus mode. I feel that your book will give us another reason to carry on and persue our limitless capabilities.

    There are many ways to achieving hapiness and self growth but each is a journey that requires a special attention to self, i hope Grace will give us the map to this journey as she guides Eve. Write please.

    1. Thank you for your enlightened comments!

      While we are on this magnificent journey,it is important that we enjoy every wondrous moment!

      We are often held back by our negative internal chatter, limiting beliefs and expectations. LIFE is about letting go, and living it: of finding our passions, discerning what is truly important, and always following what feels good.

      Our hope is that Grace's message resonates with our readers, and like Eve, we too are able to experience a life full of happiness and fulfillment!

      In gratitude,