Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekly Wisdom for LIFE: Ego Distortion

Enjoy this weeks excerpt from the book: 

“The ego is like a heavy cloak that we wear made up of all our memories and past experiences, which seriously affects our perception of the world. Like filters, those memories and past impressions, which are based on our own unique life experiences, tint the world around us. Because of who we are and what we have gone through, the assumptions we have made and the beliefs we carry, we expect the world to behave and look a certain way. And we are constantly interacting and reacting to the world and our lives through the heavy influence of that cloak. Just as a pair of sunglasses alters the colours of the landscape around us, but once we take the shades off, we see the true colours without the influence of the sunglasses. We need to take the cloak, the sunglasses, off. We need to remove the ego in order to see things as they really are."


  1. And by doing so, I have learned so much more about the myself and the stuff I had been blocking. It changes me. But it's definitely a difficult task at times. Thanks for sharing this excerpt.

    1. Thanks for your wonderfully insightful comment Paula! Taking that cloak, or those shades off is a difficult task, partly because for most of us, we are not even aware we are viewing the world from a distorted perspective - after all, it's all we've ever known. But as you so thoughtfully pointed out, seeing the ego for what it truly is, teaches us a great deal about the 'persona' we present to the world and the choices and decisions we make on a daily basis. Once we take the shades off, we can see how our thoughts, words and actions affect our lives and we can choose to make better choices, following what makes us feel good and embracing our authentic awesome selves instead! :)
      In gratitude,