Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are you guilty of this? New Weekly Wisdom for LIFE!

Enjoy this week's excerpt from the book ...

I want you to realize the difference between a constructive release of energy versus a counterproductive release of energy.

“When we are reeling from the after-effects of having our triggers pushed, we will often call a friend or confidante and relay the injustices that have been set upon us by our current circumstances. We will moan and complain and basically work ourselves into a frenzy, whereby we relive and re-experience the emotional trauma all over again. Our wonderful, well-meaning friends will naturally take our side or agree about the poor treatment inflicted upon us, justifying our very one-sided, limited perspective on the subject. This type of process usually just reinforces our hypersensitive and over-stimulated trigger, and we aren’t actually able to release any of the pent-up energy that we’ve been holding on to from the initial situation. We just keep working ourselves up, allowing our emotions to escalate. We tell our story, we tell our side. We get caught up in a vicious cycle of reliving having our triggers getting pushed, over and over again, as we dwell on the subject. And, as you can see, this is rather counterproductive!

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