Sunday, April 21, 2013

Everybody Hates Me and Other Toxic Judgements

Food for thought! An excerpt from Life:

“Labels, judgements, and opinions from others are also subject to scrutiny. They have nothing to do with us personally. Yet, whether we hear them once or repeatedly, we take them onto ourselves and own them as truth.

"I know we spoke about this earlier, but when we relive the haunting memories of those children taunting us on the playground, or recall something our parents said to us, or when we receive and interpret messages from the media—labels and judgements like ‘I’m stupid,’ ‘I’m ugly,’ ‘I’m fat,’ ‘I’m a loser,’ ‘No one loves me, ‘I’m all alone,’ ‘No one cares about me,’ ‘Everybody hates me,’ ‘I have no friends,’ ‘I’m worthless,’ etc.—become a part of our identity, who we think we are. But those labels and judgements are not our own; they are the poisons, toxins, and unequivocally tainted viewpoints of the opinionated person, or persons, doing the judging and labeling.” 

What are some labels you have held on to? Who would you be without them? 

In gratitude,
Marissa xo