Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Elixir of LIFE

Are you following your desires?
Are you engaged in the things that make you happy?

Passion is the magic, the spark, the very elixir of life. It fills us and invigorates us. It makes our bodies tingle with feeling—it makes us feel alive!

What are you passionate about? Gardening? Singing? Dancing? Painting? Helping others? What is it that gets your blood pulsing with joy, your heart pumping with excitement, your muscles burning with enthusiasm?

Passion = Vitality. When we lose our passion, when we let our dreams slide and allow the to-do lists, and endless responsibilities and obligations to creep in and snuff out our desires we begin to feel depressed, we begin to feel empty, or segmented. We begin to feel as though we have lost our very selves—we forget who we truly are and what we want out of life.

We all want to be happy. Engaging in things that make us feel good helps us feel fulfilled and whole. We all have responsibilities and obligations, there are important things on our to-do lists, but that cannot be the only things in our lives. Each day do something that makes you happy. Do something that sets your soul on fire! Do something just for you and savour every passionate moment!

In gratitude,

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