Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pushing the Trigger. New Weekly Wisdom for LIFE!

Another excerpt from the book LIFE:
Grace talks about triggers ... What are some of yours?
“Back at the deck, I told you that your parents weren’t the real problem; your thoughts on the subject were. I realize that hit a nerve, for which I apologize. But if you were living from your soul instead of the ego, you wouldn’t be affected emotionally by what your parents did or didn’t do, or what they said or didn’t say. You see, when you live from your soul, it’s not as if the world stops doing what it did previously to trigger you; the situations in your life don’t just morph into something ‘perfect’ and wonderful. Instead, your entire perception about life changes. So, even though others may be trying to push your buttons, as far as you’re concerned, there are no more buttons to be pushed."

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