Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heaven on Earth! New Weekly Wisdom for LIFE!

Enjoy another taste of LIFE!

“I know this may upset some people to hear, but Heaven is not up there.” Grace pointed to the sky and smiled. “It’s in those brilliant, beautiful moments when our mind stills. The idea is to make those moments last until we are living Heaven on Earth. When we experience that bliss, it is a loss to have our mental chatter take it away from us. The good news is, once our soul has had a taste of that experience, it will go out of its way to experience it again, drawing us to find that quiet centre. Our soul is compelled to experience joy, and it will naturally be drawn to things that make us feel joyful.”

“Do you mean like the joy I feel when I’m painting or gardening?” Eve asked.

“Yes, absolutely. For others it could be dancing, working out or playing with their children. Anything at all that allows us to feel joy in our lives is an expression of our soul shining forth.

“The point is to find more time to enjoy those activities that offer us the best chance for peace and joy. Unfortunately, we needlessly fill too much of our time with superfluous actions that make us seem busy. Think quality, not quantity, here. We will actually keep ourselves constantly doing something or going somewhere, just to avoid slowing down. Now, there’s a good, defensive reason for this. If we are not in touch with our soul, or true essence, if we are not living life in the centre of that wheel, then whenever we actually do slow down, our mind is filled with negativity, worry or just plain exhausting mental noise. Who wants to be in communion with that?”

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