Monday, April 9, 2012

Ready to change your story?

On Oprah’s last Life Class, Tony Robbins spoke about overcoming fear and living a more courageous life. The last two episodes of Oprah’s Life Class have really focused on ‘story’. The story we tell ourselves, and have been telling ourselves for years, that hold us back. I often write in this blog that whatever we think we draw toward us. Negativity breeds negativity, positivity breeds positivity. It really is that simple. And while we make it difficult, because our Ego doesn’t want to let go, we can change our lives by changing our stories.

In our book, we use the exercise of the ‘Shoebox’ to illustrate the concept of removing negativity from our bodies. Essentially, if we remove the old story, we can find our way to a new story, a new life.

Take a moment for yourself. Lock the door, close your eyes, and get nice and comfy while you play with this concept.  I want you to imagine a shelf in front of you. On that shelf is a shoebox. I need you to suspend all disbelief and work with me here. For a moment, just try and remove every negative emotion, memory and feeling from your body and mind. This is not a test, you are not trying to get rid of it forever; I just want you to see what it can feel like if you let go of your past for one uplifting moment.

If at any time you become uncomfortable, please stop. Take several deep breaths and repeat something that makes you feel calm and centred, perhaps saying in your mind ‘love’ as you inhale and ‘peace’ as you exhale. Only continue if you are ready. The exercises in the book are much more detailed; my intention here is to give you a taste of what you are capable of, a glimpse of your true potential. You can change your story and conquering your obstacles once and for all!

Here is a list from the book of some of the things I’d like you to remove from your body and mind and place in that shoebox. See if you can go slowly and truly feel each and every one of the suggestions. See if you can feel yourself get lighter.

Place into the shoebox:
Your past memories.
Your beliefs and biases.
Your personality, (all the adjectives and descriptors you use to describe yourself).
The many masks you wear on a daily basis, (these are the labels that you use to identify yourself—the concepts that you are a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a teacher, a worker, a healer, a victim).

Then see if you can remove any and all negativity feelings you’ve ever felt, or may be feeling right now.

Place into the shoebox:
Feelings of betrayal
Painful memories
Feelings of abandonment
Emotional, or spiritual hurt

Remove all your hurt and pain, all your anger and guilt, all the fear and questioning from your heart, your mind and your body. Lift all the negative emotions and feelings from deep within and lighten your entire body. Remove it all and place it into the shoebox.

Envision all those painful memories and emotions lifted from your body and see them safely secured away into that shoebox. Feel how the memories and emotions are no longer a part of you. Sense that they are now completely separate from you.

They are all there in that shoebox and you are here, well and peaceful without them.

That shoebox is your story. It is full of all the things that have held you back. But you can choose a life without them. It is possible to leave that old, tired story behind for good. Have the courage to walk away, start a new story, a new life, a new you. Don’t look back! Follow what feels good! Embody your fullest potential and live the life you’ve always wanted!

In gratitude,

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