Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weekly Wisdom for LIFE: Happiness or Unhappiness—What are you creating?

“What if you took a nap or read for the sheer pleasure of it?” 

Grace had posed the question so flippantly, Eve had to stop and carefully study her passive expression. She knitted her brows together in consternation. “Even if I could take a nap during the day, why would I?”

“There are some things we do by sheer survival instinct, a deep, inner knowing that keeps us safe from danger, like not touching a hot stove. Other things we feel guided to do by our intuition, like when we decide to finally make that phone call, which results in a new job or new relationship. But most of the things we do, Eve, are because we unconsciously feel compelled or obliged to do them. They have nothing at all to do with instinct or listening to our gut.

“We feel compelled to act a certain way or say certain things because of our belief patterns and habitual ways of responding or thinking about life. You feel you need to earn money or work toward a career rather than just taking some time to rest or read for pleasure for you. You would feel as though your time was being wasted or used frivolously. Don’t you think there are people out there who do just that, who enjoy finding some quiet time during the day all to themselves? Perhaps they just putter around their house or in their garden. Or perhaps they work on some art project or hobby. What makes it okay for them and not you?” She raised her eyebrow, giving Eve a questioning look.

“Perhaps they already have great jobs or are retired and have lots of time on their hands?” Eve quipped.

Grace shook her head. “No, it’s all about perception—each person’s belief, or view, about any given situation determines their thoughts and actions,” she stated simply. “It’s your belief that taking time for yourself is wasteful and unproductive; and that makes something as innocent as taking a nap unacceptable in your mind.

“For others, their belief justifies those actions; it’s okay to take naps. I want you to realize that what you believe creates your comfort or discomfort and, in the end, your happiness or unhappiness."

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