Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ever wondered what Karma is? Your new Weekly Wisdom for LIFE

Grace drew a pattern of intersecting lines in the sand. “As we move through life, two elaborate patterns are fundamental to our conscious experience. One is made by karma; the other is made by our soul.
“When a weaver sits down to create fabric, the warp, the vertical threads, are held taut by the loom. The weaver, using a shuttle, weaves the horizontal threads, the weft, over and under, in and out, around the stationary warp. The weft must alter its course to manoeuvre around the rigid warp.

"Karma as the rigid warp, presents each of us with obstacles that provide us with unique lessons—the consequences that arise out of each and every thought, action and word spoken through the ego in our lifetime.

“Our soul, on its joyful path as the weft, weaves through and around, learning from each obstacle in its path. Every moment we must learn from the consequences of the past as we pursue a life of happiness and fulfillment. Our success in overcoming those obstacles and learning from the past determines whether or not we find true happiness. This is the primordial dance between karma and our soul, and it has shaped the fabric of life since time immortal.”

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