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A Passionate Life: May 11, 2012

A Passionate Life
Annemarie and I met some beautiful people at our book signing in Chapters Indigo Markham today.  One of our first readers was a gentleman named John who came up to our table and explained he just had to buy a copy of our book because we were there. He didn't even know what it was about, but as local authors, he was determined to support us.  What an awesome start to our day and it continued to be a glorious day of gratitude and blessings.

We met a gentleman planning a trip to Paris, a lovely woman who was at a course that very morning suggesting she find a inspirational book that she can reflect upon—she picked up a copy of Life for her homework—and a charming engineer named Gerry, who as an avid reader, has a top ten list which he reserves for only the best books; we told him we were determined to crack his list!

Then we met Cindi. Cindi is an incredible woman doing the utmost best for herself and her son despite tremendous adversities in her life. She is a wonderful role model for how a positive outlook and sheer determination can change your life for the better. She tries to do something every day that makes her feel good. She is conscious of the choices she makes and the patterns that have brought obstacles into her path. She is also uncompromising in her pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. There are good days and bad, she admits, but she is determined to be a positive example for her son. We think she is doing awesome!

In gratitude,

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